The Highest & Best Auction

What’s a Highest & Best auction? Why haven’t you heard of it before?

Because we just made it up!

In order to respect the government’s mandates during COVID, we’ve invented our own silent auction.

Here’s how it works: you get one bid per item. Only ONE! So you better make it count.

Write down your best offer for the item you’d like. Your top dollar. If you only want to pay $1, bid $1—you never know. Drop your bid in the box, and then you can go home. At the end of the day, the highest bid wins!

  1. You put in your highest and best possible bid for the item you want. Then you leave.
  2. If your bid is the highest, you win! We’ll call you.

If you’ve placed the highest bid, we’ll call you to arrange payment and pickup of the item. You must return our call within 48 hours or we’ll have to move on to the next bid.

In the event that there’s a tie, we’ll choose the winner randomly from among the highest bids. (Pro tip: to avoid a tie, bid an amount you think no one else will bid!)

We’ll have great items from restaurants, hair salons, and much more! Get ready to place your Highest & Best bid!

Who knows? Maybe in the future everyone will do this and they’ll call it a “Muskingum County Auction.”

P.S. You can also place your bid online. Stay tuned for details.