The Color Pallet Salon & Spa

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Women's Haircut and Salon Styling Products

The Color Pallet Salon & Spa

Women's Haircut and Salon Styling Products

Win a free women's haircut, with an attractive zippered pouch filled with salon and personal care products!

Included in the pouch is a tube of Kenra Perfect Blowout light hold styling creme, a spray bottle of Kenra Shine Spray, a spray bottle of Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo, and a pumper bottle of Maria Nila Breeze Hand Lotion, along with a nifty coffee cup insulator sleeve.

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The Color Pallet Salon and Spa on Maple Avenue in Zanesville offers women’s haircuts, nail services, hair color services, massage therapy, and more.

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These items have been donated. All proceeds from this auction support the building fund of the School of Kingdom Writers, to be used for the development of their campus in downtown Zanesville, Ohio.

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